Smile Gallery

Actual Patients

Please take a moment to look through our smile makeover gallery to see some of our patients' "before-and-after" photos for examples of our cosmetic dental work.
Kelly N.: two upper zirconia bridge and 4 single zirconia crowns Zirconia Metal Free Crowns

Jess T: Received 8 upper Emax veneers to replace her old veneers

Patient’s teeth were severely damaged after braces and were restored with Zirconia Metal Free Crowns

Single tooth restoration with Zirconia Crown. For front teeth crowns, the Zirconia Metal Free Crowns are highly recommended because it won’t leave the black line along the gums after few years in the mouth.

Patient received 10 upper and lower Veneers

John G: Young teen fell off his bike and fractured upper left center incisor, we did white fillings (bonding) to restore function and esthetic to match the right incisor

Often times, restoring only upper anterior teeth is enough to greatly enhance the smile

Joe T: #14 fractured lingual cusp, instead of doing a full crown, we select to do onlay porcelain to restore lingual cusp as well as distal wall

Metal bridge is replaced with Zirconia Full Contour Bridge

This patient suffered from gum (periodontal) disease and result in missing 4 front teeth and 3 back teeth on upper arch and is restored with 11 unit bridge

This patient received zirconia crowns #7,8, white fillings on #6,9,10,11

Patient fell and fractured both upper central incisors. Both are restored with white fillings

Another case of zirconia non-metal restoration