Visit Our Orthodontics Office for a Beautiful Smile

Posted on: May 27, 2015

OrthodonticsWe provide orthodontics solutions in our dental office.  For an orthodontist, there is nothing quite as satisfactory as watching a patient leave with perfectly straight teeth. Braces are one of the most common services that we provide, and we use them to correct problems like malocclusion. Braces are one of those devices that have evolved greatly over the years. We have always had some kind of device for straightening teeth, but never have you had so many options with regard to comfort, convenience, and even style. The days of a mouth full of metal have given way to braces that are stylish, and sometimes can be hidden completely from view. During an exam and consultation, we can determine what the best type of braces is for you. Braces have become more versatile with regard to their appearance and the kinds of problems that we can correct while using them. Many patients do not realize that along with crooked teeth, the most common challenge many people have is issues with their bite. Whether an overbite, where the large top jawbone creates alignment problems or an under-bite where the larger lower jawbone protrudes, a misalignment can create any number of challenges. Fortunately, we can correct this as well.

As a provider of orthodontics, our job is to focus on straightening and realigning your teeth so that they look fantastic. Your job, other than coming to your appointments and following through, is to make sure that your teeth stay healthy and amazingly clean. Nothing is more frustrating than getting half way through a treatment and discovering that you have numerous cavities or additional dental problems because you did not take the time to clean your teeth properly. There is no way to sugarcoat it when you have braces you will need to spend longer cleaning your teeth and being more particular about how you brush them. This is because the braces tend to attract tiny particles of food. This food gets stuck between teeth and the braces, which in turn leads to a buildup of bacteria. Left alone, without being cleaned, this bacteria will cause cavities, bad breath, gum swelling, and even discoloration of the teeth. In some cases, this can even lead to widespread infections and gum disease.

It is important to note that none of this is necessary if you take a few simple precautions to improve your dental cleaning habits. Speak with us, your orthodontist, for more details. Meanwhile, there are two things you should remember to do. First, change how you brush your teeth. Take 10 – 15 seconds per tooth to brush each one individually. This will allow you to target all areas, including behind the wire, where food may become caught. Second, practice brushing your teeth after every meal and snack. This will prevent the food from ever having a chance to accumulate, will keep your teeth very clean, and has the added benefit of giving you fresh breath all day long. We will also give you a special cleaning tool that will help you to brush the bracket to make sure that no food is trapped there. Improving your oral hygiene habits will help to keep your teeth clean and healthy during the treatment so that you have a beautiful smile when we are done with your orthodontics treatment.

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