Visit a Dentist for Kids in Philadelphia

Posted on: June 1, 2016

Dentist for KidsFor pediatric dental care in Philadelphia, visit a dentist for kids. We can provide your child with the special attention needed for an enjoyable dentist visit. Our staff is specialized in working with children of every age and can provide your child with a comfortable, fun environment so they will look forward to coming back to the dentist every appointment. We can offer your child comprehensive, preventative, and restorative pediatric dental care. To learn more about the preventative techniques a dentist for kids at our office provides, continue reading.

What is the purpose of preventative pediatric dental care?

Children are susceptible to developing cavities for many reasons. Many children are still learning proper brushing and flossing techniques and need extra care to remain on course for lifelong healthy teeth and gums. Parents often also need another influential person in their child’s life to help instill in them the importance of good dental care, and visiting our dentist for kids office can help provide that extra influence. Even younger kids with all baby teeth need to visit our office because baby teeth hold a space for adult teeth. If baby teeth become infected, it can lead to infection in the gums and affect the growing adult teeth. Bring your child in by age one or when their first teeth erupt through the gums.

What specific actions do you take to provide preventative pediatric dental care?

A dentist for kids in our office can provide deep teeth cleaning, buffing, polishing, and flossing to ensure all bacteria and plaque is removed from your child’s teeth twice a year, so cavities are less likely to develop. For most children, we also recommend fluoride treatments. Fluoride treatments provide necessary minerals that your child’s teeth need to remineralize before decay remains permanent. We can also apply dental sealants that will serve as an extra layer of protection over the chewing surface of your child’s teeth. If your child is active during recess or plays sports, we can fit them for a customized preventative mouthguard to stop sports injuries from harming their face, teeth, and jawbone. Visiting our office for pediatric dental care in Philadelphia also gives us the opportunity to evaluate the growth of your child’s teeth to determine if they may need early orthodontics care. For a longer list of our services, read below.

Proper preventative pediatric dental care involves:

  • Helping your child develop healthy dietary habits for strong growing teeth
  • Instructing on daily brushing and flossing techniques
  • Encouraging regular visits to a dentist for kids
  • Assessing cavity proneness and taking necessary preventative measures
  • Evaluating of teeth and gum development
  • Possibly encouraging pediatric orthodontics treatments
  • Providing restorations for knocked out teeth and cavities as needed

Our office for pediatric dental care provides all of these important preventative practices and more, so your child can maintain a healthy dental structure into adulthood. A dentist for kids in our office is trained to work specifically with children, so we know how to interact with a child on their level and provide them with the care they trust. Make your child’s first appointment today to jumpstart healthy teeth for life.

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