Dental Veneers are an Excellent Choice for Seniors

Posted on: October 14, 2014

Dental VeneersAs people age, their smile can become dull which makes dental veneers an excellent choice for restoring that youthful glow.  At Avenue of the Arts Dental, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry and transform our patient’s smiles into one that they will love for years to come.

It is common for seniors to think that the only option they have for changing their smile is to use dentures to replace teeth that have fallen out.  Modern dental technology has completely changed how teeth can be restored and corrected both in functionality and aesthetics to create more options than ever.

Teeth often become brittle with age due to a lack of calcium, diet or pregnancy.  When teeth become brittle they are more susceptible to becoming damaged, cracked, chipped or broken.  The tooth can still be saved even when this happens. By not pulling the tooth a person can avoid dentures and there is less stress on the gums.

Dental veneers are commonly used in restoration dentistry due to their ability to accomplish several goals without requiring a lot of the existing tooth structure to be removed.  They are a thin shell that is shaped like the front of a tooth yet rests on top of the natural one.  It can close gaps, correct chips and cracks, make teeth even, cover stains, and correct the appearance of worn enamel.  They are highly functional and durable.  In order to qualify for the procedure, your tooth structure needs to be in good condition and unlikely to fall out in the near future.  If this is the case veneers are an excellent option.

They can also address a common problem that most seniors have, which is dull and stained teeth. Those who have smoked or drank a lot of coffee or tea are at additional risk of having their teeth become yellow and stained.  Fortunately, dental veneers do an excellent job at covering stains and making teeth look bright and white. For this reason, many seniors choose to have all of their front teeth redone with veneers so that when they smile their teeth are uniform and beautiful.  This simple procedure can take years off of a person’s appearance.

Prior to starting the procedure, the dentist will conduct a thorough examination to make sure that there are no lingering infections, cavities, or gum disease inside of the mouth.  These will need to be treated before any cosmetic procedures can be performed.  If there are issues, they can be addressed quickly which will also improve a person’s oral health overall.  A mold will then be taken of the existing teeth so that the dental lab can create the veneers.

The dentist may need to prepare the teeth for veneers.  By preparing and shaping the teeth, a dentist ensures that the permanent veneer will lay flat with the gums.  While the permanent veneers are being created in the lab, temporary ones are worn in order to protect the tooth and reshape it.  They are an essential part of the procedure but are designed to come off easily so it is important not to eat any foods that are sticky or hard.  Teeth must be brushed gently so that they are not accidentally pushed off. If this happens, the temporary veneers can be corrected at the dentist office.

When the permanent veneers are ready our skilled cosmetic dentist will place them onto the teeth. Afterwards, most patients complain of a level of discomfort that can often be treated by taking pain medication and rinsing with salt water.  After a few days, teeth will start to feel better but it is normal for them to be sensitive temporarily or to feel strange if the size of the tooth was altered in any way.  In time, they will feel completely natural, leaving seniors and adults of all ages with gorgeous teeth again.

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