Dental Implant Bridge Restoration

Posted on: July 31, 2016

Dental implant bridge restoration is a great way to restore missing teeth that traditionally can only replaced with dental partial dentures. Dental implant bridge is permanently secured into implants that placed in the jaw bones that eliminates the discomfort of removable dentures that feels and functions like natural teeth.

Featured Case:

A 50 year old male has extensive history of dental work and is looking for a solution for already missing teeth on his upper right and a failing tooth.

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dental implant bridge
Missing teeth along with failing tooth

Patient wants a permanent solution that feels and functions as natural as possible and that would eliminate any solutions that involve with removable.

There is no teeth distal to edentulous area so only implants is the solution

A 3D cone beam scan is performed and treatment planned for two implants with cantilever of the first molar

dental implants cantilever
Two implants placed with with cantilever posterior to implants

A view with abutment screwed into two implants

dental implant custom abutments
Two custom abutments screwed into the implants

Views of final restorations

porcelain implant bridge
Occlusal view of dental implant bridge
Implant bridge cantilever
Buccal view of final implant bridge